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Star CCM+

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Star CCM+ is a Renowned CFD Software in Singapore where it is Trusted by many Established Engineering Companies from Diverse Industries. From R&D Research Institutes to Product Design Centers, Engineers use Star CCM+ as the key tool to Cost-Effectively drive their Continuous Design Exploration & Optimization.

Predicting the real-world performance of a product requires engineering simulation CFD software that is able to span a broad variety of engineering disciplines.
Siemens STAR CCM+ is an all-in-one solution that delivers accurate and efficient multidisciplinary technologies in a single integrated user interface of the Star CCM+ software.

A True Multidisciplinary Platform

Find out how Commercial CFD software such as CFD STAR CCM+ provides for all your simulation needs in the text article below.
Much more than just a CFD Fluid Simulation Software source code with the technological legacy from Siemens Adapco, CD Adapco STAR CCM+ is a complete multidisciplinary Siemens Simcenter platform for the simulation of products and designs operating under real-world conditions.
– Aero-Acoustics
– Fluid dynamics
– Heat more trans
– Rheology
– Multiphase Flows
– Particle Flows
– Solid Mechanics
– Reacting Flows
– Electrochemistry
– Electromagnetics


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3. LS-DYNA Consulting
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A Toolset For All Your MDX Needs

Find out how our simulation tools are helping companies deploy multidisciplinary design exploration to discover better designs, faster

A True Multidisciplinary Platform

Find Out How STAR-CCCM+ Provides For All Your Simulation Needs.

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

Fluid Dynamics

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

Multiphase Flows

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

Particle Flows

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

Reacting Flows

1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools


3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

Solid Mechanics

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

Heat Transfer

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner


3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner


3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner


A Simulation Solution That Span All Industries

Learn How MDX Solves the Toughest Problems In Various Industries

1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

1. Aerospace & Defense

Design & Engineer faster, Lighter & more Fuel efficient Air Planes
2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

2. Automotive

Meet Dynamic demands of Rising Customer expectations and tighter Green House emissions Controls

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

3. Marine

Predict Hydrodynamic Efficiency behavior of Marine Craft designs at Actual scale under real operating Conditions

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

4. Oil & Gas

Obtain better designs and Functionally efficient, reliable and safe Industrial Production

1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

5. Chemical & Process

Develop Cost-effective, Biodegradable products with minimal Bio-hazard risk & suppress Scale-up Challenges

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

6. Energy

Boost Machinery Fuel efficiency and overall performance Robustness, and decrease Hazardous Automotive combustion emissions

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

7. Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals

Reduce Process Operating Expense, mitigate Health risks, and Foster Bold technological innovation

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

8. Electronics

No-compromise CFD simulation for Highly efficient Electronics thermal Heat dissipation management & Overall Electrical system Overall performance Reliability

Case Studies – Designed With STAR-CCM+

See How Our Customers Have Been Using STAR-CCM+ To Generate Design Improvements And Stay Ahead Of The Innovation Race


Optimization of Mixer Mixing Efficiency

STAR-CCM+ Offers automated Engineering Design Exploration and Optimization within the Reach of all CFD Simulation Engineers. Shown here is an Industrial Mixer Design Optimization Study, Beginning/Starting with a Baseline and resulting in a Significantly Improved Prototype Mixer Design (right) with a Four Times Decreased Energy consumption while Maintaining to the Same Blend Time Required.




Streamlining of Bicycle Aerodynamics & Ride Quality – Trek Bicycle  

Together with STAR-CCM+ Integrated Multidisciplinary Design Exploration and Scalable Cloud Computing Capabilities, it has Tremendously Boosted Trek Bicycle Corporation R&D’s Ability to Cost-Effectively Optimizes Bicycle Aerodynamics and Overall Rides Experience


Boost Manufacturing Efficiency & Product Quality with STAR-CCM+ Multi-physics Capabilities – Bottero SpA

Multi-Physics Simulation Capabilities of Star-CCM+ Enabled BotteroSpA to Accurately Model the Highly Coupled Nature of the Structural & Fluid Dynamics Aspects of the Molten Glass Cooling Process. This Has Helped the Company to Achieve Strength and Quality in the Final Container. All This Is Achieved While Reducing Manufacturing Time and Shorten Manufacturing Time.


STAR-CCM+ CFD Simulation in Aerospace Industry  

STAR CCM+ Has Been Heavily Used in CFD Simulation of Various Aspect of Aircraft Design Performance. Such as
1. Aero-Acoustics Modeling Analysis of Landing Gear Flow Interaction With the Air.
2. Aerodynamics Simulation of a Commercial Airplane’s High-Lift Wing Aerofoil Structure, Which Is Characterized by Highly Turbulent and Complex Air Flow Patterns.
3. Simulation of Aircraft Environmental Control System to Ensure Cabin Passengers Thermal Comfort.

Innovation Through Design Exploration

With STAR-CCM+ You Are Able to Automate The Design Exploration and Optimization Process


Don’t just Perform CFD Simulation, Innovate!

In order to design better design change in products, engineers all over the world need to compute, predict the consequence of any design changes on the real-world environment performance of their product, for better or for worse.Star CCM+ CFD Software
Historically before the industry-wide adoption of computing driven Simcenter Star CCM+ simulation, the job of performing predictions and meshing came from hand calculations or learning from the experimental batch testing of physical prototypes.
Today with the introduction of various Siemens Simcenter StarCCM+ Fluid Dynamics Simulation Software module option, engineering simulation using Siemens Star-CCM+ PLM and CFD Simulation software solutions offers many companies a comprehensive machine learning capabilities and computer-driven predictions that are usually more accurate and always less expensive than experimental testing.
Deployed effectively, the CD-Adapco STAR CCM+ Fluid Dynamics software, mesh solver embedded in the Star CCM CFD Meshing Software and post-processing tools in each Latest Software version can be used to handle high processing load, get reliable results, solve and optimize product work design through multiple iterations.
Ultimately this set of Star CCM+ CFD Software Package license tools will start to provide and results in higher quality and more robust products that better fulfill customer demand and expectations when clients are using cloud base Star CCM+.
Unlike other methods, the engineering simulation process of the state of the art of Star CCM+ Fluid Simulation Software, (which is similar to Siemens MDX) and cutting edge CAD data flow over the cloud server also offers the benefit of exploring the test and performance of a new product over the full range of operating conditions that it is likely to face in its working life, rather than just at a handful of carefully predefined “design points or engineering ‘signpost’.”
However, not all engineering Fluid Flow simulation software and CFD simulation run service support tools are created equal. In order to try help provide to a constant transfer stream of relevant engineering data, keep simulation expenses and training resources low, the simulation software application must be:

1. Multidisciplinary

Solving complex industrial problems requires multi-core desktop workstations using the latest software running versions of simulation tools that span a multitude of physical phenomena and a variety/multitude of engineering disciplines.
Today’s Real-world precision engineering problems do not simply just separate themselves into convenient categories such as “aerodynamics”, “hydrodynamics”, “Thermal heat transfer” and “solid mechanics”.
From the end goal of a simulation point of view, Only multidisciplinary computational engineering simulation services, such as those analysis options performed by Siemens Simcenter suite of CFD Fluid Dynamics software simulation automation tool range can accurately add on and capture all of the relevant form geometry and physics that influence the real-world performance of a product and can be used to automatically drive the virtual product through a range of design configurations and operating scenarios.
By minimizing the level of information approximation during simulation generation, local R&D Lab analyst and manufacturing engineers can be confident that the predicted behavior of their automotive engine systems design will help them to explore and match the real-world performance power requirements of their various key product models.

2. Timely Delivery of Simulation Results

No matter how “realistic” your complex modeling and CAE simulation applications is, the data that Star CCM+ Flow Analysis Software program provides is useless if it does not influence the final design of your product. For simulation by StarCMM software to be a useful CAE tool in the engineering design process, predictions must be delivered on time, every time.
In fact, from the perspective of time equates money policy, a late simulation result is not much better than events where no job results at all. Ideally, the simulation should create and generate a constant stream of data that guides and informs the design process through the navigation of every decision tree. This is only possible when the simulation process is a robust and automated one.
Once an engineer has invested in the creation of a multidisciplinary simulation model, that specific model version should be easily re-deployable by other users to investigate a full range of design configurations and operating scenarios, with little or no manual management effort from the engineer, thereby helping to free up a precious share of engineering man-hours.
3. Affordable
Used effectively, engineering simulation consistently delivers a high return on investment (ROI). It provides far more in terms of reduced development costs and increased product revenue.
However, please realize that traditional engineering simulation licensing schemes can make the transition from an experimentalist’s mindset of “testing just a few design points” to “investigating the whole design space” prohibitively expensive.
This is because most engineering simulation software vendors base their software licensing model around the broken paradigm of “the more you use, the more you lose,” charging you per core instead of per simulation and tying customers to an almost linear relationship between the cost of their license and the maximum number of cores that they are allowed to utilize in their simulations.
The introduction of Innovative licensing schemes such as Power Sessions (giving you unlimited cores for a fixed price), Power-on-Demand (enabling you to run on the cloud) and Power Tokens (giving you an unprecedented web of flexibility and facilitating design exploration) render the cost of performing engineering simulation affordable.

4. Backed by Industry Experts

An uncomfortable truth about today’s engineering is that there really are no easy engineering challenges left to solve. In order to meet the demands of industry, it is no longer good enough to half-heartedly carry out ‘a bit of CFD’ or ‘some FEA stress analysis’.
In order to effectively design truly innovative products, today’s engineers are often “pushing back the edge of the actually feasible”.
Often times this is something that is difficult to attain in absolute isolation and often requires competences beyond an individual engineer’s immediate area of expertise.
In order to be truly successful, a Simulation engineer should have ready access to a team of simulation experts, and ideally an established working relationship with a dedicated support consultant who not only understands the engineer’s challenges but can approach the right expert advice whenever required.


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Star CCM+ Licensing Option 

Enjoy Development Efficiency Through High-Performance Computing (HPC)

STAR-CCM+ makes HPC-Powered Simulation and Design Exploration Studies Feasible and Highly Affordable With 3 Unique Power Licensing Options:


Star CCM+ for Students

Star CCM+ Academic License

Star CCM+ Student

Case Studies - Designed With STAR-CCM+

See How Our Customers Have Been Using STAR-CCM+ To Generate Design Improvements And Stay Ahead Of The Innovation Race

1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

1. Comprehensive Set of Integrated Disciplines & Physics

6. Full Knowledge Transfer

2. Integrated, Intelligent Design Exploration

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

3. Re-Playable Pipelined Workflow to Reduce Engineering Time Needed

5. Affordable

4. Parallel Computing & Innovative Licensing

4. Proven Track Record

5. Single End-to-End Solving Environment

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

6. Backed by Dedicated Technical Support

Introducing Simcenter STAR-CCM+ | What’s New?

We believe that every simulation model that you create should be the basis of a design exploration study, so information from many simulation models can be used to drive improvements in your designs.

quote_Simulation Strategy innovation_Elon musk

Rather than start its design study from a blank piece of paper, the latest release allows you to incorporate the latest engineering knowledge, this accelerates the exploration process, and could ultimately lead to a better product
At Siemens Simcenter, We continue to deliver new capabilities to Boost Productivity, increase Confidence in Results and help make better product design decision quickly.
Industrial engineering problems often involve physical phenomena that span a wide range of time and length scales.
From microns to millimeters, from milliseconds to hours, making sure you capture the physical influences that operate on these vastly different scales is part of the art of engineering simulation.


Engineering Simulation – The Only Viable Way to Maintain Market Relevance In Today’s Competitive Landscape

We live in an increasingly competitive world and companies are under pressure to make fast strapping moves to capture potential markets
If you want to be a key player, you have no choice but to innovate quickly or risk your product get replaced by a smarter, more reliable, more cost-effective alternatives from your competitor. The  challenge really is who is going to come up with better design faster
Our customers in the automotive arena, tell with us how much stress they are under to offer cleaner emission, more Fuel-efficient vehicles that deliver the same compromised driving experience that consumers demands
Power transmission train engineers need to quickly simulate the real world performance behavior of new internal combustion engine design so that they can make design decisions that increase performance and result in cleaner, more energy efficient automobiles.
Multiphysics simulation leverage on design exploration early in the product design ideation phase, allowing us to respond to the challenge and bring innovation to these products faster. This is where Star CCM+, part of the Simcenter portfolio comes into play.
Our solution is based on 4 pillars, realism, productivity, exploration, and Digital continuity

Engineering Design exploration

1. Realism

We give engineers the confidence that their product designs will function as predicted, more specifically, the capability to simulate a wide range of physical phenomena. This is not just limited to Fluid Flow, but Particle dynamic, Chemical Combustion, Thermal Heat Transfer, Fluid-Structure interaction (FSI), Electromagnetism, all seamlessly combined into a single integrated model and 1 integrated simulation environment.
This integration is significantly more effective than running multiple different software programs and disconnected models.
Realism is also really about getting a clear understanding of product performance in real life scenarios through possible through advanced visualization.
Star CCM+ is the first in the market to offer immersive virtual reality client which let engineers interact with their model.
For example, it could give engineers an under-hood analysis of the car in front of a flammable hotspot which could be a fire risk.


For Multiphase Capabilities – Cylinder Simulation
Our star ICE adds on in simcenter star CMM+ provides a quick and intuitive way to provide high fidelity in-cylinder simulation. In this new release, we enable charge motion, letting you foresee with absolute confidence how injected fuel mixes with conductive air.
For customers using Star-CD for this application, we invite you to check out the Simcenter StarCCM+ and take advantage of the streamlined workflow and multiphysics capabilities.


2. 12x Simulation Speed up without Compromising Accuracy

For LES combustion engineering simulation, the deployment of the thick and flame model which uses complex chemistry and flamelets enables a more accurate calculation of flame position.
We also introduced significant speed up to as much as 12x for high fidelity complex chemistry simulation, minimizing the need for acceleration methods which may also compromise the accuracy of simulation data.
The latest software release also facilitates thermal stress analysis that is more precise and easier to set up with the new finite element energy solver which allows energy and stress to be computed on the same mesh.
Design Exploration Studies
we enhance your capability to explore the product design space, to assist your engineer performance innovation into your final products
Often the process of innovation requires you to carefully balance the requirements of multiple competing objectives. You need to understand the relative cost and benefit of trading one requirement against another
Engineering design managers now create Pareto plots that make understanding these compromises easier when assessing design exploration studies.
Effective design exploration investigation also means having the ability to quickly compare simulation results to make well-considered decisions.
Simcenter Star CCM+ solution histories which let you work with reduced data sets, can how to be used with surface instead of volume data, enabling you to make a more concise quantitative comparison.

3. Productivity

It allows simulation engineers to allocate their precious time working on their 3D CAD models in making up with Engineering design decisions, not in the building and running models, saving engineering time through automated and streamlined workflow which is extremely important.
A new surface recur search is used to effectively organize and automatically process the very large samples from a hundred up to a hundred thousand parts
Productivity is also about maximizing simulation throughput and the delivery of engineering solutions in a drastically quicker period of time. This allows more engineering designs to be accurately evaluated in the same time period.
We advanced the solution technology for close proximity objects, such as valves and gears, and offer a 5-time processing acceleration without compromising on the result accuracy


Improved productivity, Enhanced model realism, Robust detailed Design Exploration
For SCR application, the new fluid film co-simulation let you simulate the build-up of liquid films more quickly than before, by simultaneously using a small time step to resolve the spray injection and a much larger time step to model the accumulation of liquid film.
You can now make an engineering decision base on realistic drive cycles with confidence that no compromises have been made to the model fidelity.
the latest release is not just about engine simulation. Every CFD engineer will benefit from improved productivity, enhanced model realism, and more robust detailed design exploration.


4. Automate Design Exploration

Enabling design engineers to explore designs throughout the whole space of the possible iterations, in a fully automated way which can run hundreds of simulation in less time than it takes to build one prototype.
We also introduce an engineering design management, CAD robustness analysis to pre-check the CAD feasibility prior to launching the actual design exploration phase.
Reduces Computational Expense
For multiphase design exploration, this significantly reduces the computational expense for a volume of fluid simulation With the new multi-step approach,  you can increase the time step by order of magnitude without compromising the accuracy of your simulation prediction.


5. Digital Continuity

Digital continuity is about connecting people, managing processes and data across the entire organization.
In the context of simulation, it is also needed to ensure the adoption of common best practices among engineering teams in multiple locations.
Star CCM+ supports all kinds of PLMX schemes for complete and thorough connectivity for Simcenter and Simcenter simulation, giving all stakeholders a holistic view of the product performance

6. Effective & Easy Information Exchange

One of the examples, for instance, is conjugate heat transfer problems, where the thermal response of the solid is much longer than the fast transient time scale of the fluid.
In this case, for efficiency, it is desirable to use large time steps for the solid, smaller time steps for the fluids.
We enable you to run different regions of the simulation at different time steps, properly handling the information exchange at the interfaces. This can be done without the need for any co-simulation, which reduces the time and eases the setup
As simulation models are often shared and used by many engineers it becomes increasingly important to record your modeling intentions before setting up or changing a simulation.
Simcenter StarCCM+ allows you to add comments directly into the simulation tree, storing contextual information right into the simulation files allows you to enable better collaboration and capturing best practices on the fly.


7. Automatic Update

If you are simulating internal combustion engine, the latest Star CM+ release eliminates the need for replicating setup when conducting design exploration studies
You can make a CAD update to an existing model, with just a few clicks, retaining all setup information and automatically updating the steps in the simulation process. We only scratch the surface in terms of the capabilities of the latest release of the Simcenter Star CCM+

Call Us for a Free Consultation

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If you have any questions or queries, our knowledgeable and friendly technical staff will be happy to answer any of your queries and assist to understand more about your needs and requirements

Alternatively, for a quick quote request for your specific Star CCM+ CFD Software Package needed, simply email us your detailed requirements to sales@star-ccm.com

Featured CFD Design Case Studies Using Simcenter Star CCM+

Brake Cooling System (co-simulation) in Simcenter Star-CCM+

To find the temperature distribution in the brake disc system using co-simulation methodology in STAR-CCM+, a commercial GUI based CFD modeling package. Determination of the temperature distribution and a peak temperature help in the improvement of aerodynamic conditions in and around the brake assembly reduces the risk of thermal brake failure and hence increases the component life.
Co-simulation is a special feature in STAR-CCM+ to couple two running simulation together during the Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis.
It is advantageous to use such CFD simulation when dealing with widely varying time scales, i.e. the timescale of thermal conduction in solid is much longer than fluids. Hence fluid is treated by our CFD consultants as a steady state simulation and solid as a transient fluid dynamic analysis simulation. Co-simulation combines these two-varying time scale simulations and at one instance of STAR-CCM+ solves the solid domain and at the other solves the fluid domain, exchanging the data with each other.
This technique for computational fluid dynamics simulation saves CPU time and overall computational cost which maintaining the accuracy of the fluid flow analysis solution.

Modification in Air cleaner Design to Reduce the Pressure drop on the Basis of CFD Analysis

Air intake system and filter play a major role in getting good quality air into the automobile engine. It improves combustion efficiency and also reduces air pollution. The air filters in an air intake system permanently remove foreign particles such as dust, dirt, and soot from the intake air, thereby maintaining the performance of the engine and protecting it from damage. Proper maintenance can help vehicles perform as designed; thereby positively affecting fuel economy, emissions, and overall drivability. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is considered to be the most cost-effective solution for CFD flow analysis of intake system along with filter media.
The 3D viscous CFD analysis was for Air Cleaner model to understand the flow behavior through the intake system, air filter geometry and filter media using Star-CCM+ CFD simulation software.
Flow behavior through the intake system, air filter geometry, and filter media was studied during the fluid flow simulation and modification in design was suggested to reduce the pressure drop.
Modifications included enlargement of radii in the air cleaner and addition of flow guide vane. This modification has decreased pressure drop significantly and designers met customer requirement.

CFD study of Double-diffusive finger Convection using Finite Volume Method and Semi-implicit

Method for Pressure-Linked Equations Revised (SIMPLER) Algorithm
The double-diffusive instabilities, salt fingers, arises in oceans when hot and salty water lies in the cold and fresh water of greater density. Convection is driven by the varying diffusivity of the two components that contributes in the density variation, that is heat (T) and salinity (S), where diffusivity of heat is hundred times faster than the salt. Faster diffusing component (T) stabilizes the system whereas slower diffusing components (S) destabilizes the system with overall density stratification remaining stable. The convection in this state takes the form of rising and sinking fingers known as salt fingers.
Series of fluid dynamic simulations have been conducted in the heat-salt system for Rayleigh numbers ranging from 7 × 103 to 7 × 108  at neutral buoyancy ratio.
During the computational fluid analysis, we have identified many interesting features which have not been reported previously:
(a) at high thermal Rayleigh number (RaT), Salinity and temperature fields at high RaS have similar structures and are not distinguishable from each other throughout the evolution period. Soon after the thin fingers form at the interface, the convective motion undergoes a transition where new finger pairs are generated due to the coalescence of neighboring fingers. We observe the generation of a new pair of fingers for RaT of 7 × 108, 7 × 107 and 7 × 106.
 (b) at low RaT, wide fingers evolve, and the effect of molecular diffusion is observed in the T fields only. As the system moves from being advection dominated at high RaT to diffusion dominated at low RaT, velocity in the fingers decreases substantially.

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